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The overlooked «in-betweener»
(Topo y Wera / Centar)

Two highlights of Doclisboa 2018 were documentaries from an often-overlooked category – the mid-length film.

Save Europe from itself
(A Philosophy for Europe)

Europe suffers from an unclear crisis: The forces that should unite us are absent, while the contradictions that should generate change are too vague. A philosophical diagnostic of Europe’s sickness is required in order to prepare a sound political struggle.

An unscrupulous empire about to fall
(In the shadows of the American century)

In his new book, Alfred W. McCoy collects his multiple analyses of the US as an empire, and describes how violence practiced in the periphery will accompany you all the way home.

Exodus – Catch 22
(Human Flow)

The Chinese contemporary artist and filmmaker Weiwei delivers a captivating life and death fresco of homeless hordes of people in Technicolor.

Reconstructing Spain

The New Abduction of Europe is a beautiful film.

Greece: Downfall of a European country
(Combat Au Bout De La Nuit)

Berlinale presents a case study of crisis and impoverishment.


Turkish documentary flourishes in an increasingly polarized political climate.

Take a look at Europe through the eyes of a six year old child
(Mama Europa)

Mother Europe gave birth to many children. She raised them with love and with care. Among the children were Belgium and the twins called Denmark. Mother Europe kept having children.

(The Will | Seduced and blackmailed)

Two films focus on the need for money. Will the desire for a sudden reward remove profound feelings of angst, despair and loneliness? And what happens when you manage to blackmail rich European women?