True Story-documentary streaming platform
Flight of the Bullet, a film by Beata Bubenec

A new independent streaming platform has launched for documentary films. True Story currently features some 120 films, many for the first time widely online, alongside specially curated collections and programmed strands. Meant to enlighten and inform; provoke an urgent call to action; enrich and entertain; inspire and lead to new discoveries, True Story is available with multiple language subtitles and in 12 different currencies.

Currently, both London’s Open City Documentary Festival and Tehran’s Cinema Verite Festival have special collections, a swell as celebrated Austrian filmmaker Nikolaus Geyrhalter. Film highlights currently include Flight of a Bullet (dir. Beata Bubenec), The Trial (dir. Sergei Loznitsa), The Image You Missed (dir. Donal Foreman), No Data Plan (dir. Miko Revereza), Harmony (dir. Frederick Paxton) and more.

Users are able to enjoy a 7 day free trial before a monthly subscription (€5.99).