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Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, taking place 17-27 September, has announced details on their ten-day celebration of Nordic documentary and short films to be presented (mostly) online with a select few in-person events in Malmö, Sweden. All Nordisk Panorama Film Festival films will be streamed for free and will be available (with only a few exceptions) in all Nordic countries. This year, Nordisk Panorama Film Festival also invites the Baltic delegation, joining festivities to connect with the Nordic documentary community.

Read about the entire Nordisk Panorama Film Festival 2020 programme, and all the competition films. Amont the films in competition are several that have appeared across the Modern Times Review pages including iHUMAN (dir. Tonje Hessen Schei), Songs of Repression (dir. Estephan Wagner, Marianne Hougen-Moraga), The Cave (dir. Feras Fayyad), The Painter and the Thief (dir. Benjamin Ree), and Colombia in My Arms (dir. Jenni Kivistö, Jussi Rastas).

Select Special Events

  • Among the special events are online masterclasses with Austrian documentary filmmaker Hubert Sauper (Epicentro) and Swedish animation director Niki Lindroth von Bahr (The Burden, Bath House, Tord and Tord).
  • An online panel discussion about the effects of COVID-19 through the perspectives of film festivals, markets, and filmmakers’ experience when launching a new film or project.
    • Brigid O’Shea – head of industry, DokLeipzig and founder of the Documentary Association of Europe
    • Charlotte Gry Madsen – commissioning editor, SVT
    • Emma Möndrup – technical producer, CPH:DOX and Cannes Digital/Scandinavian Films
    • David Herdies – filmmaker, Momento Film
    • Signe Byrge Sørensen – producer, Final Cut For Real
    • Moderator: Klara Grunning
  • Video Work: My Aunt – Ikram Abdulkadir from the Malmö-based photographer and poet – and creative force behind the Instagram account @ikramianism
  • Waste Not, Want Not at Malmö City Library and Online – Jan Ijäs series on the theme of waste.

Featured Image: The Burden, a film by Niki Lindroth von Bahr