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Werner Herzog: «Facts do not constitute the truth»

Acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog talks about his most recent film Meeting Gorbachev, while also warning against trying to articulate the truth in precise terms.

Theo Angelopoulos, the filmmaker of migration

In Letter to Theo, French director Élodie Lélu revisits Angelopoulos’ unfinished film, reminiscing on their collaborative work on the project that was in some ways prophetic of the present-day Greece.

Ralph Eue – DOK Leipzig

Through the Revision section of this year’s edition of Dok Leipzig, the festival takes a retrospective glance at past documentaries that are still potent today.

Leena Pasanen

DOK LEIPZIG: The theme this year is Post-Angst, and is inspired by the idea that we are now living a dark period politicall

DOK LEIPZIG 2016: Disobedience!

A keyword of DOK Leipzig this year is disobedience.

THE LEIPZIG NETWORKING DAYS: A conversation starter

The idea of men being protagonists in a women’s rights story had solicited both extreme enthusiasm for freshness and a call for caution

DOK LEIPZIG 2012: The intricacies of the human condition

Documentary film festivals like DOK Leipzig have increasingly embraced creative documentaries that push the envelope, which feel like “movies” and could easily “pass for fiction films”. Strong political content with a distinct artistic vision and creative storytelling

Animadocs 2013

DOK Leipzig: Today more creative techniques like comics, drawings, puppet animation, photographs, graphic novels and paintings, indicate the growing recognition of animation as an art form.