The Ambassador

Mads Brügger

Denmark 2011, 93 min.

Danish reporter Mads Brügger purchases a diplomatic passport on the internet. The document will open even the most sealed and secret doors when its owner arrives in the Central African Republic. His goal is to gain access to the country’s diamond reserves under the guise of opening a match factory. No one can know that the fake diplomat is actually trying to uncover corruption and greed for power in the former French colonial government.

Mads Brügger is the closest to a fashionable buzz word in radical yet mainstream documentary these years. Amongst many other things he created the TV series Danes for Bush (2004) and the documentary The Red Chapel (TV series in 2006 and a feature documentary in 2010). Both projects illustrate Brügger’s unconventional methods. He often takes on a fictional role in order to enter environments and get the stories he is after. In Danes for Bush he teamed up with artist Jakob Boeskov and the two of them declared themselves radical Danish supporters of George Bush travelling the US while Brügger in The Red Chapel, under cover of being part of a theatre group, entered North Korea and managed to stage an ironic and subtly critical comedy show.

«he comes up with very little new or thought- provoking material»

Brügger’s new documentary is called The Ambassador. And the ambassador is of course Mads Brügger himself who by bribing, cheating, parroting and charming his way into the diplomatic circles of the Central African Republic tries to reveal the hidden agendas and corruption that are closely tied to diplomatic activities.

Mads Brügger

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