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On 80th anniversary, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival pays tribute to the city’s Holocaust victims

80 years after first train bound for Auschwitz departed from Thessaloniki, the 25th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival organizes a tribute in honour of the city’s Jewish community exterminated during World War II. The films of the tribute «Adio querida: From Thessaloniki to Auschwitz – 80 years» will shed light on the unhealed universal trauma and act as a reminder and warning for the future.

The full lineup will be announced soon but so far the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival has announced a selection of highlights. Included is the full, 566-minute version of Claude Lanzmann’s meticulous Shoah. The Olympion theater will screen Paul Wegener and Carl Boese’s The Golem (1920) with a special live score performed by Yannis Veslemes. Tom Barkay’s shocking 2021 documentary Heroes of Salonika, Maurice Amaraggi’s Salonique, ville du (2006), Vassilis Loules’s Children in Hiding (2011), and Fofo Terzidou’s By-standing and Standing-by (2012) each depict respective experiences, repercussions, and legacies of those from Thessaloniki and surrounding areas affected by the Holocaust.

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