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Porto/Post/Doc concludes 2023 festival; crowns winning films

The Porto/Post/Doc Film Festival has concluded its 2023 edition, crowning outstanding films across various categories. The prestigious Grand Jury Prize in the International Competition went to A los Libros y a las Mujeres Canto by María Elorza. The jury praised its immediate, warm, and humor-filled approach to bibliophilia, presenting the subject with lightness, depth, and a feminist network of care.

In the Cinema Falado Competition, Ricardo Leite’s Lucefece: Where There Is No Vision, the People Will Perish received the SPAutores – Cinema Falado Award. Basil Da Cunha’s 2720 earned an Honorable Mention for its rhythm and deep connection to the portrayed community.

The Transmission Award for best film in the Transmission Competition went to Siete Jereles by Gonzalo García Pelayo and Pedro G. Romero. The jury celebrated it as a precious document depicting a deep and genuine culture.

Marta Vaz’s Rubab secured the Cinema Novo Award CANAL180 for the best film in the Cinema Novo Competition. The jury praised its formality and the frontal look, recognising its mastery of documentary techniques.

The Teenage Award, chosen by students from various secondary schools in Porto, was given to Aga Borzym’s Girls’ Stories. The jury highlighted its portrayal of the teenage phase of life, touching hearts with its subtlety and evolution.

The Arché Award by Companhia das Culturas/Fundação Pereira Monteiro for the best project presented in the Arché Porto Lab went to Pedro Gonçalves Ribeiro’s Bocaína. The jury praised its unique promise, relevance, and the importance of ancestral language and conceptualisation.

Finally, the Working Class Heroes Award – Filmaporto for the best Working Class Heroes project was awarded to Tomás Baltazar’s Cape of the World. The film navigates between personal memories and the transformations of Porto, portraying the city and a specific time through a mother-son relationship.

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