Too much is rotten within the global pharmaceutical industry.

An increasing number of Norwegians suffer anxiety or depression. Many of these psychosomatic illnesses are borderlin normal and sickly reactions. Of course, Norway is not alone here. In the US for instance, psychic illnesses caused by stress, and insomnia, have shot up aggressively in the past 20 years. One thing is to worry about this fact, which happens many places around the West, more disconcerting is that medication seems to be the only way out in all these cases. These are approved drugs with side-effects the patients themselves know shockingly little about. Dangerous side-effects, according to filmmaker Anniken Hoel. She is not the first wanting to open our eyes to the pharmaceutical industry’s dirty system, as her Cause of Death: Unknown premieres at the CPH:DOX in Copenhagen in March.

 Some 11 years ago, Hoel lost her sister Renathe, but no one knew the reason why. The cause of death was simply classed as ‘unknown’. The only thing they knew, was that the sister was a patient of psychiatry prescribed antipsychotics, issued by her psychologist. Following some medical research, Hoel discovers that the dosage her sister was prescribed – a cocktail of antipsychotics including the popular medicine Zyprexia – was increased considerably in the period preceding her mysterious death.


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