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Romania’s Astra Film Festival turns 30

The Astra Film Festival, a key player in both Romanian and international documentary film, is gearing up to mark its 30th anniversary. Scheduled from October 15 to 22 in the city of Sibiu, the festival has been pivotal in shaping Romania’s cultural scene, particularly in the domain of non-fiction filmmaking and social discourse.

The festival’s 2023 edition is set to showcase an eclectic mix of more than 130 films from around the world, many making their debut. Eleven of these films, crafted by a mix of established and emerging Romanian directors, are contenders for the coveted Romania Competition awards. Additional awards will be given in categories that spotlight new talent in documentary cinema, exceptional films from Central and Eastern Europe, and noteworthy student films.

Astra Film Festival was founded in 1993 and has experienced steady growth, even in the face of initial financial challenges. The inaugural edition was creatively financed by the donation of two trailers of potatoes, highlighting the absence of cultural funding at that time. Dumitru Budrala, the festival’s founder and director, notes that Astra has consistently adapted to technological advancements, moving from older formats like magnetic tapes and VHS to contemporary digital standards.

One of the hallmarks of the festival since its start has been the fostering of meaningful dialogue between filmmakers and their audience. According to Budrala, documentary filmmakers don’t shy away from challenging or even taboo topics, which is reflected in the films screened. This environment of openness has helped build one of Romania’s most engaged and dynamic cultural communities, often referred to as the Astra Film community.

The festival has also branched out to younger audiences through Astra Film Junior, a dedicated festival that has been an integral part of film education in Romania since its 2009 inception.

This year’s event will not just be limited to film screenings. It also includes a range of industry discussions, book launches, concerts, and exhibitions, constituting an eight-day festivity of documentary cinema. Films launched at Astra have often received international awards, and this tradition is likely to be upheld by this year’s lineup.

Find more information and the full 2023 Atsra Film Festival programmeHERE

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