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Dette er en test

The knot in the heart

For almost 50 years, the photographer Eugene Richards has documented a variety of destinies, from crack addicts to people in emergency rooms and psychiatric hospitals. What has driven him?

Laila, mother of the addicts
(Laila at the Bridge)

Laila at the Bridge takes the viewer on a harrowing journey to Kabul’s dark underpass, following a woman who attempts to save as many drug addicts as she can.

From a war reporter’s point of view
(Dying to Tell)

Dying to Tell is a portrait of Spanish war correspondents around the world, retelling the sense of thrills associated with adrenal warfare, as well as the traumas experienced during war and in its aftermath.

From a child’s perspective
(The Breadwinner/Tehran Taboo)

ANIMATED MOVIES: Girls dressed as boys in Kabul and Tehran’s underworld of sex, drugs and rave music are portrayed through the eyes of children in the animated movies The Breadwinner and Tehran Taboo.

Afghan Girl Power
(What Tomorrow Brings)

AFGHANISTAN: If you want to run a school for girls in Afghanistan, you might have to check your water for poison each morning. Is it worth it?

A Model Refugee
(The Wait)

Rokhsar Sediqi is a 14-year old who lives with her mum, dad and five siblings in the Danish countryside. She has waited four years for a leave to remain in Denmark.

In the waiting room of martyrdom

EURODOK: Two young men are waiting to be called to action as suicide bombers in Syria. Pål Refsdal’s recent documentary depicts a surprisingly intimate portrait.

DRONES: A Little Piece of Norway

The threshold for killing someone is lower when you do not have to see those you kill. New leaks reveal the brutality of the US drone programme.

Two approaches to war
(Russian Lessons | Restrepo)

From San Francisco International Film Festival: Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya captured the immediate aftermath of the bombing, shooting, and looting during the intense 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia. Two other filmmakers focus on the everyday life of a single US army platoon stationed in the Korengal Valley in Afghanistan – showing just how easy it was for the Taliban to defend their positions in the mountainous terrain.

NEW HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY: Truth as an inspiration

Some filmmakers working with the feature documentary genre want to reconnect us with History itself, enticing audiences to actively engage with the ever-changing, politically motivated interpretations of our recent history. Three films reconstruct historical documentary by changing the form and by providing an intense participatory experience through their main character.