Tag: Lebanon

Documentary as a transmission medium
(Spaces of Exception)

The new documentary Spaces of Exception draws parallels between the experiences of oppression and resistance in Native American reservations and Palestinian refugee camps.

How time and lies make true stories disappear
(Erased, ___Ascent of the Invisible)

In Beirut, one man creates a puzzle of the city’s past in order to tell some painful stories left untold but not forgotten.

Understanding Hizbollah
(Faith and Resistance)

Faith and Resistance argues that religion and rational thought are compatible.

INTERVIEW: A Day in Aleppo

How desperate it must seem, trying – like film directors frequently do – to spur the world into action to end the war in Syria. We have caught up with one of the people who are fighting this battle.


Özge Calafato looks at some of the most compelling recent documentary works from the Arab World.

BEIRUT 2011: Docudays

Revolutionary spirit in a festival held in a tense city.

SHEFFIElD Doc/FEST 2011: A good and faithful Muslim

Making and exhibiting independent documentary in the Arab world is a challenge in several distinct ways. Pamela Cohn writes about two outstanding films from the Sheffield festival. Are they calling for a more humanist, modern approach to being a faithful Muslim?