Letters From South Lebanon

    LEBANON: Young Norwegian soldiers sent to into Israel's 1978 invasion of Lebanon received little recognition for their work and PTSD from a conflict they didn't quite understand.

    The Children of Leningradsky

    CAPITALISM: A look back at the homeless children of post-Soviet Russia.

    Fragile Memory

    MEMORY: A Ukrainian filmmaker turns to a forgotten photo archive as his grandfather’s memory starts fading away.


    PRISON: An experimental journey into the history of Estonia's notorious Patarei Sea Fortress.

    Behold, if the river is turbulent he is not frightened

    DOK.REVUE: Olaf Möller remembers Karel Vachek, who died in December 2020 at the age of 80

    Only the Devil Lives Without Hope

    JUSTICE: Standing up to a brutal regime, an Uzbek woman never breaks hope in fighting for family justice.

    Werner Herzog: «Facts do not constitute the truth»

    Acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog talks about his most recent film Meeting Gorbachev, while also warning against trying to articulate the truth in precise terms.

    The Trial

    The archival footage from a court action against leading scientists in the Soviet Union of 1930 has been reconfigured into a narrative drama, which leads today‘s audience to believe the opposite of contemporary spectators.

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