The knot in the heart

PHOTOGRAPHY: For almost 50 years, the photographer Eugene Richards has documented a variety of destinies, from crack addicts to people in emergency rooms and psychiatric hospitals. What has driven him?

STEPS FOR THE FUTURE: Initiative With Impact

The "Steps for the Future" doc collection was established to take an innovative approach to addressing the serious HIV/AIDS problems in Southern Africa. A recently completed ‘Steps Impact Study’ and a new doc film take a closer look at the actual effect of the collection.

South Africa, SABC1: Outperforming Ally McBeal

The allegation by TV executives that no one cares to watch documentaries is invalid and unnecessary.

DON EDKINS: Engaging Dialogue

Don Edkins producer on “Steps for the Future” was in Copenhagen to present the project at a press conference last November. Anette Olsen spoke with him.

STEPS FOR THE FUTURE: Embracing Life in the Shadow of AIDS

The "Steps for the Future" film collection about living with HIV and AIDS in Southern Africa are strong, unconventional stories told by the Africans themselves. Some are more focussed on the struggle against the disease than others, some are very personal stories. The diversity in approach, style and format and the love and respect for the depicted persons make watching these films a powerful experience.