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Kosovo: Shaped by war

As the most successful film event in Kosovo, DokuFest International Documentary and Short Film Festival is helping to cultivate the documentary tradition in the Kosovar region.

The arch of evil

The French city Lussas gathered filmmakers, producers, critics and film-lovers to assess current documentary production, and to follow up its lineage to previous works. DoX’ Maria Tarantino looks at three films sharing the theme of «evil».

Leipzig 2010: Current conditions

346 films from 58 countries, 145 visiting directors – this year’s 53rd Leipzig documentary film festival could hardly be described as greater than the sum of its parts. Within one short week, who could possibly tell? But some of the peculiar events could easily branch off and become festivals on their own.

Always on the outside
(Secrets Of The Tribe | The erotic man)

Is anthropology to blame?

HIGH DEFINITION: Give Me an HD Coffee Break

Sunny Side of the Doc has found a new home in La Rochelle, and this year’s event was all about the arrival of High Definition.