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Intelligent care for a world in disorder

The central argument in The Neganthropocene is that the world is at risk of lapsing into a nihilistic state, as our failure to care for it becomes ever more manifest. But the challenge Stiegler takes upon himself is to show the way to an alternative anthropology.

The overlooked «in-betweener»

Two highlights of Doclisboa 2018 were documentaries from an often-overlooked category – the mid-length film.

Zero conference and Nobel prices

If you are prone to dismiss warnings about environmental destruction as exaggerations, you might as well stop reading right away.

Why are people unable to live in peace?

After centuries of hatred, violence and massacres, Ukraine is yet again at war. People continue to kill in the name of the Motherland, flag, culture or religion. Crossing checkpoints, Peter Entell takes us from loyalist Ukrainians to pro-Russian separatists, all the while searching for traces of his own ancestors who fled the country a century ago.

An intimate look at the hospital

Filmmaker Jerome le Maire spent a year hanging out in Paris’ Saint-Louis hospital getting to know the staff prior to filming Burning Out.

Images of voids in black ink

Monthly steaming for subscribers: Is it possible to be forgiven for abandoning your children in order to fight for a higher end?

SERGE LALOU: Auteur Films and Prime Time Television

If you have been keeping up with French documentaries over the last twenty years, you have undoubtedly seen a film produced by Les Films d'Ici, a large company with a reputation for high-quality documentaries that win prizes and frequently cross borders to festivals and television channels outside France. TUE STEEN MÜLLER met Serge Lalou, one of the company’s head producers to discuss what it’s like to be a producer caught between ‘industry’ and ‘art’, between ‘television programmes’ and ‘documentaries’.