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Kids of Neoliberalism

How «Generation Y» got fooled by the neoliberal promise.

More guns?

At one point in my life I considered buying a handgun.

The many ways to power

The Jihlava Doc Festival of 2017 was focussed on political film. Several films took on the theme of state leaders and the election processes that led to their victory.

Factory and cathedral

In an official press release by the White House on October 31st, Trump announced, in a rare enthusiastic professional language that he urged all Americans to take part in the celebration of November “in the year of the Lord two thousand and seventeen” as a “national entrepreneurship month”.

On the road to war

John Pilger’s documentary predicts a horrifying possibility: that China and the US are on the brink of war.

Bread and circuses while democracy dies

Climate change, economic inequality, migration, galloping demographic growth and the loss of biodiversity all pose serious threats to civilization.

Fear as Entertainment

TRUMP'S USA: Fear as entertainment is a well-used bestseller and a Hollywood brand, although we do not often see fear as entertainment in political films that are socially critical

Why are people unable to live in peace?

After centuries of hatred, violence and massacres, Ukraine is yet again at war. People continue to kill in the name of the Motherland, flag, culture or religion. Crossing checkpoints, Peter Entell takes us from loyalist Ukrainians to pro-Russian separatists, all the while searching for traces of his own ancestors who fled the country a century ago.

The Presidents You Deserve

At the 2016 Jihlava Documentary Film Festival in October, five films about presidential campaigns were selected. Here are the impressions, ranging from Kennedy to Trump, of the screenings. Will they help us gain better understanding of how to deceive people – or push them off the edge?

Jill Stein – the best of the USA

Facebook not only censors iconic war photos – they also removed a TV critique USA’s third presidential candidate, Jill Stein, did of Hillary Clinton in late August. By the time it was removed, Stein’s critique had been read 100, 000 times and shared 5,000 times over a period of 24 hours.