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CONTROL: A chilling glimpse into the murderous reality of China's suppression of meditation movement Falun Gong.

The story of former Chinese journalist Yifei Wang’s agonising campaign to reveal the truth behind the brutal murder of her sister nearly 20 years ago, while being held in a Chinese prison on charges of protesting the suppression of banned meditation movement Falun Gong does not make for comfortable viewing. But Kay Rubacek’s carefully researched film, which includes interviews with former Chinese communist regime insiders – and incredible secretly shot footage inside the office of the director of the prison where the sister, Kefei Wang, died – is essential viewing for anyone who cares about international human rights.

Finding Courage is an apt title for a film that operates at a multitude of levels. There is the courage Yifei, who is living in exile in San Francisco, needs to tell her family’s story even as her husband Gordon, a reporter for Chinese state media untainted by Falun Gong membership, seeks to secretly gather evidence of the manner of Kefei’s death.
There is the courage of Yifei’s older brother Leo, who survived years of torture in prison and when he too finally finds refuge in America, meticulously reconstructs the torture chair used by brutal guards during his incarceration.

And there is the courage of the rest of the family and of the Chinese dissiden …

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