The Why Foundation-quarantine film club-featured

With many spending more time at homes than ever before, THE WHY has allowed access to 10 of their most successful documentaries until 25 May.

The «Quarantine Film Club» honours the foundation’s mission of providing free access to reliable information to everyone, especially in these times of crisis. The films are divided into 4 themes that are being addressed a lot during this pandemic crisis and 1 additional theme to spark conversations on more unconventional but significant topics.

The themes are: Getting out of Poverty, Building Democracy, Facing Crises, World Disparities, and Unconventional Stories.

The films

  • Solar Mamas
  • The Secret Slaves of the Middle East
  • Egypt: We Are Watching You
  • Please Vote For Me
  • Detropia
  • The Vasectomist
  • Park Avenue
  • Stealing Africa
  • Kumare
  • The End of the Game

Watch all the Quarantine Film Club films via THE WHY Foundation Youtube