Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2023: the complete winners

On Sunday, March 12th, the 25th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival came to an end, against the backdrop of the tragic Tempi accident. In light of the cancellation of both the opening ceremony and all festival events, the Festival decided to forego the closing ceremony as a gesture of respect. However, awards for the 25th Thessaloniki International Documentary Festival are as follows:

Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2023 winners

  • Golden Alexander: Under the Sky of Damascus (dir. Heba Khaled, Talal Derki, Ali Wajeeh)
  • Silver Alexander: Who I Am Not (dir. Tünde Skovrán)
  • Special Mention (Int’l Comp): Narrow Path to Happiness (dir. Kata Oláh)
  • Golden Alexander “Dimitri Eipides” Award: The Voice (dir. Dominika Montean-Pańków)
  • Silver Alexander (Newcomers): In the Sky of Nothingness with the Least (dir. Christos Adrianopoulos)
  • Special Mention (Newcomers): Ladies in Waiting (dir. Ioanna Tsoucala)
  • >>Film Forward Golden Alexander: Blue Bag Life (dir. Alex Fry, Rebecca Lloyd Evans, Lisa Selby)
  • >>Film Forward Silver Alexander: Dogwatch (dir. Gregoris Rentis)
  • Immersive Golden Alexander: Darkening (dir. Ondřej Maravec)
  • Special Mention (Immersive): The Man Who Couldn’t Leave (dir. Singing Chen)
  • Best Podcast Award: From a Wonder to a Trauma (dir. Constantinos Vrettos)
  • Special Mention (Podcast): Halcyone (dir. Phaedra Chatzopoulou)
  • Scholarship award ENS Louis Lumière Award: Dimitris Roidis for A City Walk (Script – Narration: Ioanna Siskou)
  • Mermaid Award: Who I Am Not (dir. Tünde Skovrán)
  • Special Mention: Leon (dir. Wojciech Gostomczyk)
  • Human Values” Award of the Hellenic Parliament: Red Herring (dir. Kit Vincent)
  • Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation FIPRESCI Award: Kristos, the Last Child (dir. Giulia Amati)
  • Thessaloniki Pitching Forum Award: The Man With the Broken Arm (dir. Athanassios Vassiliou)
  • Greek Film Centre Debut Director: In the Sky of Nothingness with the Least (dir. Christos Adrianopoulos)
  • Greek Film Centre Agora’s Docs in Progress: Sacred Way ~ 21km (dir. Nikoleta Paraschi)
  • International Amnesty Award: Ithaka: A Fight to Free Julian Assange (dir. Ben Lawrence)
  • FIPRESCI Award (Int’l Comp): I Like it Here (dir. Ralph Arlyck)
  • FIPRESCI Award (Greek): Kristos, the Last Child (dir. Giulia Amati)
  • PEKK Award: Queen of the Deuce (dir. Valerie Kontakos)
  • WIFT GR Award: Who I Am Not (dir. Tünde Skovrán)
  • WWF Greece Award: Mighty Afrin: In the Time of Floods (dir. Angelos Rallis)
  • Best Greek Film Award (Youth Jury): Kristos, the Last Child (dir. Giulia Amati)
  • Special Jury Prize (Youth Jury): In the Sky of Nothingness with the Least (dir. Christos Adrianopoulos)
  • Audience Awards: The Laughing Boiy (dir. Alan Gilsenan), Inside Kabul (dir. Caroline Gillet & Denis Walgenwitz), AKOE/AMFI: The Story of a Revolution (*Just to sleep on their chest…) (dir. Iossif Vardakis), My Cut (dir. Thanasis Tatavlalis), Being an Islander (dir. Dimitris Bouras)

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