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A diverse contemplation of changes

Deleuzes’ book on Leibniz is the most complex of the philosopher's work, but is also the ultimate book for those wanting to immerse themselves in his concept of creation.

Stuxnet was basically waging war

CYBER WARFARE: Countdown to Zero Day relates the story about Stuxnet, the world’s first public known digital weapon. The book raises important questions about warfare in which we all may become collateral damage.

This is how to do it

Sheila Curran Bernard’s Documentary Storytelling is a wellstructured and easily read book on how to create a documentary. It just gets a little too banal and template-minded now and then.

Leacock’s non-intervention

The exciting life of a true documentarian.

New connections, new methods, new thoughts

Book critique: Thomas Waugh’s book essays show a firm believer in activist media and a strong film scholar who never lets go of his curiosity and the importance of linking scholarly definitions to useable critiques.

A singular, sole person – monosyllabic

MICHEL HOUELLEBECQ (Reunion, 1958) is a controversial author – loved and loathed. He is compared to Marquis de Sade and Baudelaire for his provocations.

People helping people

Business model 2.0: get your personal audience to support your personal art. In the US filmmakers have managed to finance several films through the Iinternet, but what does it have to offer a European documentary scene?