When it comes to distribution, think both local and global

    DISTRIBUTION: A comprehensive map through the diverse landscape of modern documentary distribution.

    The Documentary Distribution Toolkit How to Get Out, Get Seen, and Get an Audience
    Author: Rachel Gordon
    Publisher: Routledge,

    In recalling her days at Boston University film school some two decades before writing The Documentary Distribution Toolkit: How to Get Out, Get Seen, and Get an Audience, author Rachel Gordon reminisces on a particular statistic mentioned by her professor-out of every hundred film school graduates only two would be working in the industry just two years later. Not much has changed in those twenty years, with that ratio being roughly the same now, despite digital technologies’ apparent democratisation of the filmmaking workflow. Today, these technologies, though expanding platform options, create an ever-growing number of new rights and content destinations, and an even more complex environment for upstart independent filmmakers to navigate. The space between these two truths motivates the existence of Gordon’s comprehensive journey through modern documentary distribution.

    Acting as a global how-to reference guide, The Documentary Distribution Toolkit presents a quadruple focus—providing diverse insights into the landscape of current documentary distribution, explanations on targeting the right audiences with your films, and the ins-and-outs of developing a sustainable career in the field. The book is set against the driving . . .

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    Steve Rickinson
    Communications Manager and Industry Editor at Modern Times Review.

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