Astra Film Festival-Real Romania-featured

The 27th edition of Romania’s Astra Film Festival will take place as a hybrid festival in two parts. First, from 4-13 September, Astra Film Festival Open Air will occur in Sibiu, Romania. Then, from 16-25 October will be Astra Fim Festival Online.

Astra Film Festival Open Air will take place at the Astra Museum and in the Historical Centre of Sibiu and will include film screenings, meetings with directors, discussions, special programs, and concerts. Astra Film Festival Online will take place via the festival platform for audiences in Romania.

For both, Astra Film festival will feature a program of some 80 films taken from over 3000 submissions. Of these 80 films, 21 will be new Romanian documentaries, with the festival recently releasing that programme, «Real Romania», information.

Across several themes, many relevant Romanian topics will be addressed across a variety. Based on the festival descriptions, the programme follows the themes of «Romania, Robbed Blindly» featuring the likes of Wood, Everything Will Not be Fine, 30 years and 15 minutes, and others. In «Unique Destinies», intimate stories like Josefin & Florin, a love story between a young aroma man and Swedish woman, Holy Father, and The Doll’s House will screen (amongst more). «Destinies Influenced by Places» will feature Eva Pervolovici’s The Delta of Bucharest and Radu Ciorniciuc’s Acasa, My Home, as well as Reflections in the East, Between Realms, and Children Lost on the Beach. Finally, «The Sweet Moldavian Language» features Violeta Gorgos’s I Genius Cioclea and Please, Hold the Line.