Journalist and film critic.
IDENTITY: A Scandinavian doc making a bid to renegotiate fatness.

(Translated from English by Google Gtranslate)

In a parade of undesirable questions, «Do you think I’m fat?» is often at the forefront. Some may sink silence in response, others may attempt to negate a claim presupposed in the question itself or even throw in a witty remark.

The documentary Fat Front (2019) directed by Louise Unmack Kjeldsen and Louise Detlefsen entertains the question and an array of possible responses: «Curvy? That’s fine for a snowman.» Hefty? «That gives me an image of myself as a boulder.»

The women

The film recounts stories of four Scandinavian women – Helene hails from Denmark, Marte and Wilde from Norway, and Pauline from Sweden. Their fatness is what they have in common, along with a string of societal expectations they grapple with on a daily basis. The camera invites us into the women’s lives. It doesn’t linger on but stays long enough to fathom the complexity of their relationship with food and their bodies. Theirs are not shiny success stories of a triumph over societal opinions or of an ultimate acceptance of oneself . . .

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