Docaviv 2020 -programme-featured

With MakeDox 2020 open-air edition wrapping up last week, Epicentro (dir. Hubert Sauper) won its Onion Award for best film in the main competition. The festival continues online through 20 September 2020.

See below for the full list of winners:

    • Onion Award for Best Film in the Main Competition: Epicentro (dir. Hubert Sauper) – Austria, France
    • Young Onion Award for Best Film by First or Second Time Director: A Tunnel (dir. Nino Orjjnikidže, Vano Arsenishvili) – Georgia, Germany
    • Onion Seed Award for Best Student Film: The Rex Will Sail In (dir. Josip Lukić) – Croatia
    • Sliced Onion Award for Best Short Film: The Fantastic (dir. Maija Blåfield) – Finland
    • Moral Approach Award for Best Moral Approach in Film: Acasă, My Home (dir. Radu Ciorniciuc) – Romania, Finland, Germany
    • Special Mention: Speak so I Can See You (dir. Marija Stojnić) – Serbia, Croatia, Qatar

    Featured Image: Epicentro, a film by Hubert Sauper