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Astra Film Festival 2023: the complete winners

The 30th anniversary edition of the Astra Film Festival, held in Sibiu, Romania, concluded with a ceremony celebrating the best films and filmmakers. Held in the grand Thalia hall, the evening was filled with passion, showcasing the emotion and dedication the film community brings to the festival year after year.

Winners of the 30th Astra Film Festival:


  • Earth’s Sweet Kiss: (Gautier Gumpper) – France
  • Amar: (Diana Gavra) – Romania


  • Adieu Sauvage: (Sergio Guataquira Sarmiento) – Belgium, France


  • The Northeast Winds: (Nikoloz Bezhanishivili) – Georgia
  • Special Mention: Love Is Not an Orange: (Otilia Babara) – Belgium, France, Netherlands, Moldova


  • Dancing at My Parents’ Wedding: (Andreea Chiper) – Romania
  • Best Direction: Ptitsa: (Alina Maksimenko) – Poland
  • Special Mention: Letters to Orsk: (Andreas Boschmann) – Germany

Throughout the festival, various jury panels comprised of film professionals assessed the submissions, providing their motivations for their chosen winners. These motivations ranged from appreciation for the filmmaker’s subtle metaphors, skillful narratives, and brave portrayals to addressing themes like colonialism, family histories, relationships, and collective identity.

The 30th edition of the festival took place from October 15 to October 22, featuring over 130 films, the majority being premieres, and hosting 250 cinematic events. With an audience spanning tens of thousands from various age groups, the festival continues to be a beacon for cinema enthusiasts.

For those unable to attend in person, a selection of 43 festival films will be available for online viewing in Romania until October 30. For more details and ticket information, please visit Astra Film Festival Online.

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