dok.incubator announces 8 selected projects for 2021 edition

    dok.incubator has just announced the 8 selected projects for its 2021 workshop.

    For 2021, eight filmmakers whose films are in the rough-cut stage and cover themes of global appeal have been selected to participate. Across the next few months, selected film teams will have the opportunity to work with the top international editors, producers, and sales representatives.

    dok.incubator 2021 projects

    • The Gullspång Miracle (dir. Maria Fredriksson) – Sweden, Norway
      May, a Norwegian woman on a holiday to Sweden, receives a premonition that she is going to move there and buy an apartment. When the flat owner turns up to exchange contracts, she comes face to face with Olaug, a dead ringer of her sister who committed suicide years earlier. Who is Olaug and what does she want?
    • Motherland (dir. Alexander Mihalkovich, Hanna Badziaka) – Belarus, Sweden, Ukraine
      «Our state of violence and fear.»
    • We Are Animals (dir. Vesa Kuosmanen) – Finland
      Three protagonists, Saila, Kristo, and Mai have been seeking ways to change how farm animals are treated.
    • A Mass for Wandering Souls (dir. Pablo Lago Dantes) – Spain
      A story about life expectations, acceptance or choice of our own destiny as the temporal abyss separating two generations plays out against in filmmaker and family’s winery.
    • Emma Show (dir. Gábor Hörcher) – Hungary
      They are reality stars living a perfect luxurious life and having the perfect sex. But only while other people are watching and paying for it?
    • White Lies (dir. Emilie Beck) – Norway
      Adopted to Norway from Sri Lanka, Kine, as several thousand other adoptees experiencing bullying, racism, exclusion and feeling like a fish out of water, has been looking for her mother since she was nine years old.
    • My Father’s Prison (ed. Juan Soto) – Venezuela
      The son of a Venezuelan political prisoner tells the story of how his father was used as a scapegoat and thrown in jail by President Chavez.
    • Too Close (dir. Botond Püsök) – Romania
      The internal struggle of a mother and her inspiring fight to get out from the darkest pits of her life after her 9-year-old daughter was sexually abused by her, now free, partner.
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