DOK Leipzig shines Spotlight on: DocuDays UA

    From 17 to 23 October, Ukrainian documentary projects will be presented in the sections of the programme and at the industry platform of the DOK Leipzig as part of Spotlight on: Docudays UA 2022.

    Spotlight on: Docudays UA 2022 programme includes four films from this year’s DOCU/UKRAINE national competition: Plai. A Mountain Path (dir. Eva Dzhyshyashvili), Mountains and heaven in between (dir. Dmytro Hreshko), Pryvoz (dir. Eva Neymann), and Infinity According to Florian (dir. Oleksiy Radynski), as well as Terykony (dir. Taras Tomenko), which was supposed to open the festival in March.

    In addition to the DOCU/UKRAINE national competition, three additional Ukrainian documentaries will be screened at DOK Leizpig. Fragile Memory (dir. Igor Ivanko) will be shown in the newly launched «Panorama» section. When will the winter of 2022 end? (dir. Hanna Trofimova) then consists of videos she shot during the first three months of the full-scale war. Finally, Three Women (dir. Maksym Melnyk) tells the stories of three women as they cope with their social reality and loneliness somewhere in the Carpathians.

    As part of the industry programme, there will also be a case study event around the film One Day in Ukraine (dir. Volodymyr Tykhyy). This Indusry Talk looks at a successful direct cooperation between the production collaborative ‘Babylon 13 and BBC Storyville, exemplifying possible future collaborations.

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