Movies That Matter Festival presents 2023 awards

The annual Movies that Matter Festival in The Hague has recently announced the winners of its various awards for outstanding films. The Grand Jury Documentary Award was presented to Lukasz Konopa and Emil Langballe for their film, Theatre of Violence, which explores the search for justice. The Grand Jury Fiction Award went to Emmanuelle Nicot’s Dalva, which depicts the story of a girl who remains loyal to her abusive father.

Movies That Matter 2023 winners

  • Grand Jury Award Documentary: Theatre of Violence (dir. Lukasz Konopa, Emil Lanballe)
  • Grand Jury Award Fiction: Dalva (dir. Emmanuelle Nicot)
  • Activist Award: Seven Winters in Tehran (dir. Steffi Niederzoll)
  • Camera Justitia Award: Twice Colonized (dir. Lin Alluna)
  • Dutch Movies Matter Award: My Big Brother (dir. Mercedes Stalenhoef)
  • Student’S Choice Award: The Kings of the World (dir. Laura Mora Ortega)
  • Shorts Award: Haulout (dir. Evgenia Arbugaeva, Maxim Arbugaev)

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