Porto/Post/Doc announces first programme details for 2022 edition

Porto/Post Doc, held between 16 – 26 November, has announced the first aspects of its 2022 programme.

American archivist and filmmaker Sierra Pettengil will be honoured with a retrospective on the dangers of a history that repeats itself. Her alert cinema style holds ability to put the past in dialogue with the present in a way that allows not only historical documentation, but also draws a roadmap to the present moment, and a leaves a warning of history repeating itself. Here latest film, Riotsville, USA, has been hailed it as an impassioned and clear-eyed documentary on the militarisation of the police force. Immersive and enlightening, the film questions how violent tactics from the past have led to the increasingly armed present we witness today.

Additionally, Porto/Post/Doc has announed that the work of Hungarian filmmakers Márta Mészáros and Miklós Jancsó will be part of this year’s programme under the thematic context «We, the Revolution». Six films will be presented that dive into a work that has withstood time and which, seen at the present moment, seems even more relevant.

Finally, of the first programme information, Porto/Post/Docs announced its Neurodiversity programme. The programme will include the films Jaime (dir. António Reis), Les enfants d’Isadora (dir. Damien Manivel), Pára-me De Repente o Pensamento (dir. Jorge Pelicano), Solo (dir. Artemio Benki), and Super Natural (dir. Jorge Jácome). Alongside these screenings , the theme of Neurodiversity will also integrate Fórum do Real debate sessions, whose programme and invited speakers will be announced later.

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