Krakow Film Festival 2024

Porto/Post/Doc spotlights global storytellers; Directors Alessandro Comodin and Maria Elorza

The eagerly awaited tenth edition of Porto/Post/Doc is set to run from 17 to 25 November in Porto, unveiling a curated thematic program titled Where are our Storytellers? This year’s festival presents eight films that traverse cultures from Asia to America, shedding light on varying storytelling techniques.

The thematic line-up revisits critical figures in the realms of directing and acting. Featured films include Jocelyne Saab’s trilogy about war-torn Beirut and works by trailblazing artists like Nam June Paik and Jonas Mekas who found their voices abroad. The program also embraces Robert Frank’s road movie Candy Mountain, boasting appearances by Joe Strummer and Tom Waits, and explores the intricate world of Japanese writer Yukio Mishima. Not to be overlooked is Radical Dreamer, an intimate portrayal of cinema luminary Werner Herzog.

Designed to act as cultural catalysts, the films aim to inspire viewers to engage in informed dialogue, thereby countering the pervasive spread of fake news. Accompanying the screenings will be the Fórum do Real, a series of dialogues slated to deepen these discussions. The festival will also host a Critics Lab, a mentorship initiative devised to cultivate the next generation of insightful film critics and authors.

Supplementing the central theme, Porto/Post/Doc is putting the spotlight on two accomplished directors: Italy’s Alessandro Comodin and the Basque Country’s Maria Elorza. Comodin, known for his genre-blurring style, oscillates between documentary realism and fictional narratives. His latest feature, Gigi La Legge, veers into the realm of «comedy of reality,» marking yet another thematic shift for the director.

Maria Elorza, a Basque filmmaker, garners attention for her documentaries that transform mundane aspects of life into poignant reflections. Elorza’s focus at the festival will include her works, both solo and collaborative under the name «Las Chicas de Paisak.» Among these will be the national premiere of her inaugural feature A los libros y a las mujeres canto.

More details about the festival’s offerings are to be revealed in the coming weeks.

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Steve Rickinson
Steve Rickinson
Steve lives in Bucharest, Romania. He is Communications Manager and Industry Editor of MTR.

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