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How time and lies make true stories disappear

In Beirut, one man creates a puzzle of the city’s past in order to tell some painful stories left untold but not forgotten.

Power and Resistance

Irene Langemann’s documentary on Pyotr Pavlensky asks: In the face of extreme suppression by the State, what can an individual do but act in an extreme manner?

The artist’s talking head

World Premiere in Leipzig: A documentary positioned in the crossfire between a semen-squirting penis and milk-spouting breasts.

PUSSY RIOT: “We are all pioneers”

Should political change be art’s goal, and is it possible to turn art censorship into something ground breaking?

The ongoing courage

The director’s artistic vision is to dress environments and surroundings with images of the women’s faces and eyes. To let the world know that they exist. It’s a visually energetic documentary about the power of images; but can an image change the world?

MONTREAL 2011: The cinema in your head

At the 29th festival of films about art, Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA), DOX’s Kjetil Røed writes from different angles: psychological, conceptual, distortions of the real and intermedia reconsidered. But was the festival itself missing a historical and theoretical context?

The transmediale festival in Berlin: Making films about themselves making films

The transmediale festival in Berlin is a quintessential summit for the discourse between art and digital culture. The “Immediated Autodocumentary” project – shot, edited and screened during the festival – points out how technology may have replaced the director with the transmedia producer.

A monstrous ego-extravaganza art exhibition

Notorious uK street artist Banksy opens his clandestine world to the public and reveals the processes by which beautiful crimes turn into lucrative commodities. With cunning slapstick comedy, fumbling public-space invaders become black-clad ninjas, turning the precarious streets of Los Angeles into satirical gallery spaces.

TORONTO 2009: Who Created Whom?

Remembering the past is what inspires reappropriation. With both their films, Backès and Bense give us work that has reproduced the essence of one man’s history into a documented artistic journey.

Nature of art and creativity

The connection between "madness" and creativity has a long history, as does the notion of the "mad" having an inherent artistic capability. Such connections are explored in "The Living Museum" by Jessica Yu.