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The knot in the heart

For almost 50 years, the photographer Eugene Richards has documented a variety of destinies, from crack addicts to people in emergency rooms and psychiatric hospitals. What has driven him?

The houses we were, the cities we are
(The Houses We Were / DIALOGUE)

Two important but very different documentaries from 2018 showcase the power of the short film form.

The significance of photography

Can photography contribute to political and social change?

Photography for change

Dorothea Lange and Vanessa Winship’s joint exhibition in London shows political photography from two very different time periods – yet similarities abound.

FAN HO: The roaming street photographer

The photographs of Chinese Fan Ho capture the lives, dreams and hard labour of individuals in an expanding metropolis.

The subjects of his desires
(Bert Stern)

Bert Stern’s photographs blurred the line between art and commercial photography.