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The pioneer of long-term filmmaking

Helena Trestikova’s work epitomises the innovative role of long-term filmmaking, and the inextricable link between big and little histories.

What more can a documentary be?

As the future fast approaches, Dimitra Kouzi raises questions about how evolving technologies are impacting the way we produce and present information.

Raising women’s voices

Turkey's women's festival may be a drop in the ocean of the poisoned patriarchy that pollutes the world, but its part of a current that is growing in power, pace and spread.

Sexism and racism, hand in hand
(The Rape of Recy Taylor)

A timely documentary about the horrific rape and compelling bravery of Recy Taylor.

Alarming but hopeful future of the planet Earth
(Before The Flood)

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio meets with scientists, activists and world leaders to discuss the dangers of climate change and possible solutions.


Italian political cinema will be discussed at Cinemateket in Oslo this weekend

CINÉMA DU RÉEL 2016: An eye for what we cannot see

Exile and poverty hung as a shadow over the Cinéma du Réel short film festival

A talk with Joachim Trier

The Norwegian film director Joachim Trier

CRAIG BALDWIN: Prank doc maker, activist and media archeologist

Craig Baldwin is not dead yet. The high priest of found-footage free association has made a three-decade career of imploding the very notion of the documentary form. Thomas Logoreci gets the California-born iconoclast to reveal the imaginative method behind his chaotic collage creations.

FILMMAKING PRACTICE: Informed Consent: Must or Myth?

Informed consent is considered a standard requirement when filming people for a documentary. However reasonable the idea, in reality the consent is not always obtained.