Filmmaking and real life

FILMMAKING: Tony Stark's practical and accessible guide to creating non-fiction content for television, online or social media.

The Insiders’ Guide to Factual Filmmaking
Author: Tony Stark
Publisher: Routledge,

(Translated from English by Google Gtranslate)

Once, while in film school, I was wandering through old Tallinn together with my camerawoman. We were both carrying heavy filming equipment and concentrating on finding good shots for our homework. Some locals approached us and asked what we were up to. Having realized that we were filmmakers, they offered to take us up on a big construction tower. On the way, our guides expressed many clichéd opinions about the bohemian lifestyle we, as artists, should be leading. We were laughing because our directing and cinematography studies were extremely intense, filled with 12-hour shooting days and worries about financing . . .

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