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From «success story» to chaos and confusion
(But Now Is Perfect)

But Now is Perfect tells the story of how a small local village in the south of Italy opened up their community and welcomed refugees seeking a better future in Europe. But it is also a story about loss and tragedy.

The houses we were, the cities we are
(The Houses We Were / DIALOGUE)

Two important but very different documentaries from 2018 showcase the power of the short film form.

How the toleration of crime can change everything

A film revealing the many faces of decades of organised crime in Southern Italy.

Is it a crime to save lives?
(To the Four Winds)

Acting in the name of human rights has become a criminal act in France.

Naples equals the mafia
(Napoli Napoli Napoli | Scena del crimine)

Usually, the mafia is depicted as a men’s organization.

Mostra 2010: Death in Venice

In Venice essay films show a resistance to the mainstream film industry. Remarkably, death is present in of a lot of the films, whether fiction, faction or documentary.