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IDENTITY: A kaleidoscopic portrait of a strange and divided nation behind the scenes
Director: Roman Bordun
Producer: Roman Bordun
Country: Ukraine

Odessa is a famous city – an obvious statement about one that has certainly made its mark on history. When these words come from a young girl living in Odessa of today, however, the city’s claim to fame seems less obvious. She does not elaborate but adds that she has the intention to become famous – her plan is to study at one of the best universities in Russia. «I’m drunk!» she continues, which might put things a bit in a different perspective.

This is taken from a late-night street scene in the Ukrainian port city by the Black Sea. It is part of a new documentary by Roman Bordun, who works as a design engineer for building and architectural structures in Lviv. He is also a photographer and painter, he films a video diary, and now he decided to portrait his home country by filming people and scenes in three cities – Odessa, Lviv, and, of course, the capital, Kiev.

Country and pride

The film has been described as a kaleidoscopic portrait of contemporary Ukraine, one that is very . . .

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