Longing For Today Knut Erik Jensen

Personal and impressionistic images of war

WW2: 83-year-old Knut Erik Jensen is back with Longing for Today, a film that does not conform to the lineup of modern Norwegian blockbusters about World War II.
Three Thousand Numbered Pieces Ádám Császi

A numbers game

DOCUFICTION: After an unofficial five-year filmmaking ban, Hungary's Ádám Császi continues to oppose the authoritarian Orbán regime.
Europe, a film by Philip Scheffner

Invisible woman

MIGRANTS: Philip Scheffner's foray into fiction varies the game of visible and invisible until dreams and reality fuse.
Mother Lode, a film by Matteo Tortone

The mountain doesn’t care

LABOUR: Seeking opportunity in one of Earth's most hostile environments.
Noura's Dream, a film by Hinde Boujemaa

Extraordinary women

FEMALE VOICES: New forms of expression and film language set two films apart from the 30th African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival
200 Meters, a film by Ameen Nayfeh

The crossing of a 200 meter abyss

PALESTINE: Minutes turn to hours when separated by occupation.

Classifying poison in the system

RACISM The 26th Sarajevo Film Festival winner explores the uncertainty of those made to feel like they do not belong.

Flight from a secluded world

RELIGION: A thoughtful story of young girl leaving Hassidic community for a better life on the outside.