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    With interest at unprecented levels, IDFA to expand Online Collection

    In response to heightened interest, #IDFA has begun developing and optimizing its Online Collection online. In the coming months, the IDFA Online Collection will be...

    The 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival announces May online dates

    Postponed earlier this year due to the #Coronavirus pandemic, the 22nd Thessaloniki Documentary Festival has announced that it will take place online. From May 19...

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival brings international festivals together for COVID-19 relief

    We Are One: A Global Film Festival, a 10-day digital film festival held on YouTube will bring together an international community to present free...

    dok.incubator selects 2020 workshop participants

    Out of 104 applications from 50 countries, dok.incubator has chosen 8 films and their teams selected for the 2020 workshop. The select filmmakers will...

    What to Stream at the 17th Docudays UA Digital Edition

    Attending the #Docudays UA# International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival a couple of years back proved to be one of my most memorable festival...

    DocuDays UA brings key figures to talk festival policy in quarantine times

    The current ban on holding mass events due to quarantine measures has forced film festivals to rethink their formats. Ukraine's #DocuDays UA# will hold...

    DocsBarcelona 2020 goes online

    The 23rd edition of DocsBarcelona will be held online for 2020. Due to the global health emergency caused by #COVID-19, #DocsBarcelona will also change...

    goEAST Festival of Central and Eastern European Film shifts online for 2020

    The 20th annual goEAST Festival of Central and Eastern European Film will feature online and on-demand offers in May. With the expected travel restrictions on...

    Visions du Réel kicks off online film festival for 51st edition

    Between May 17 - April 5, the 51st Annual #Visions du Réel# will shift the International Film Festival Nyon online in light of the...

    5 things to consider when starting a documentary podcast

    HOW TO: With podcasting a relatively new, and surging, terrain for filmmakers, we look at 5 things to consider when starting a documentary podcast.

    last doc reviews

    ENVIRONMENT: Medusa (dir: Chloé Malcotti)
    How Belgian chemical business activities brought both prosperity and pollution to one coastal Italian village.
    JUSTICE: Judges Under Pressure (dir: Kacper Lisowski)
    Poland’s populist nightmare seen through the unprecedented pressure judges are now under in an EU state fast becoming a pariah.
    BEIRUT: Octopus (dir: Karim Kassem)
    Stillness and rebirth make for a thoughtful testimony to the aftermath of the powerful Beirut explosion.
    CONFLICT: Darkness There and Nothing More (dir: Tea Tupajic)
    A Bosnian’s woman’s search for answers in a darkened theatre.
    CINEMA: The History of the Civil War (dir: Dziga Vertov)
    Thought lost forever, Dziga Vertov's 1921 archive of the Russian Civil War finally debuts to the public 100 years later.