CinÉma VÉritÉ - Defining The Moment

Peter Wintonick

Canada 1999,105 min.

“What kind of docu-mood is this?” one of the characters bursts out at a truly dull party in a satiric play about the contemporary film milieu in Denmark. The audience laughed, and it’s funny merely because it’s a fitting description of the vast majority of programmes broadly labelled as documentaries on television today. Boring!

Peter Wintonick

Peter Wintonick’s comprehensive, yet witty and thoroughly researched film, Cinéma Vérité – defining the moment, provides hope that this image can be changed. The film is anything but a boring documentary about documentaries. Moving back and forth through time and space, the film traces the roots of the Cinéma Vérité movement by interviewing almost all of its key figures in the most traditional way you can imagine: as the talking heads they all revolted against.

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