Graphic Sexual Horror | Aka Ana

Anna LorentzonBarbara Bell | Antoine d’Agata

USA, Sweden, 2009 | France 2008

In the world of sexual fetish there’s bondage and then there’s Brent Scott, founder of the notorious “torture porn” live-feed website.

In Graphic Sexual Horror, by Swedish-American team Anna Lorentzon and Barbara Bell, we enter what looks like the victims’ chamber of an innovative serial killer. Naked woman are strapped to metal contraptions amidst chains, whips, gags and masks. Their wails of torture and tantalisation ascend into a higher state of being where pleasure meets pain. We see the grotesque acts through the lens of a static camera. Then a man’s voice speaks out of frame. He asks the victim if she has had enough. No, she squeals in agony. His arm enters the frame – it holds a gigantic wand that spins at one end like a freakish dentist drill. He moves it closer to his victim. She screams.

Graphic Sexual Horror
Graphic Sexual Horror

It is not too long into Graphic Sexual Horror before we realise this is a performance where the “victim” has consented in exchange for copious amounts of hard cash. Dubbed “the Michelangelo of bondage” Brent Scott is also a painter and conceptual artist who was initially in uenced by the explicit sexual exhibitionism he saw in Vietnam and Japan. He wanted to bring bondage to the USA. But as Marshall  McLuhan and Jean Baudrillard taught him – media is the message. So, with the rise of the Internet, Scott founded, a live feed of torturous pornographic acts that could incorporate his art and his fantasies. “My work is really fucking weird, it’s beyond porn,” says Scott. With just a credit card, bondage fetishists could login and not only view but also participate through chat room interaction over 3 to 6 hours of graphic S&M marathons. Like the sexual culture of Japan, was a spectacle – it had to be witnessed to be legitimate.

Violent pornography could be an act of terrorism

With complete access to all of Scott’s live feeds, tapes and photos, Bell and Lorentzon combine interviews with Scott and his hired “models” who come from all walks of life. The models are given a “safe word” that could be uttered if they felt threatened, uncomfortable, unsafe. But to holler the safe word was to undermine the reality of exploited fear. The sexual/fantastical turn-on of Insex was that the pain was real. To stop in the middle of the act was to succumb, to lose one’s pride, to lose the cash.

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