Simone Bitton

Belgium, France, 2008.

Rachel is a documentary investigation of the death of American activist Rachel Corrie. She was killed by an Israeli bulldozer in 2003, while participating in a non-violent peace protest organised through the International Solidarity Movement. rough a series of interviews director Simone Bitton asks the di erent players in the story where they were, what they were doing and what they saw. Interspersed are readings from Rachel’s diaries and letters, as well as still photographs of the scene and video from earlier similar protests. No conclusion is drawn, though the facts presented leave the viewer able to conclude for themselves what happened that day, and what the wider attitudes are behind the con ict in Gaza.


Rachel Corrie was 23-years old when she went to Palestine to participate in demonstrations against the Israeli occupation. The action takes place in March 2003, just a few days before the US invasion of Iraq, and before the election of Hamas. As such the political context is one of a slightly isolated cause, with demolitions progressing mostly uninhibited, by an Israeli Defense Force viewing it as mundane clearance work.

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