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What was lost in the battle of Mosul
(Isis, Tomorrow)

The hard times in Mosul are not over. The city that lived three years under Isis is now faced with a destructed infrastructure – on both a physical and social level.

State of repression

Recently opened archival material from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq paints a different picture of the brutal dictatorship.

Nordic docs looking outside the region
(The Distant Barking of Dogs/The Deminer)

In quite different ways, two award-winning Nordic documentaries focus on war zones in other parts of the world outside of the Nordic region.

Three stories on war
(9 days from my window in Aleppo/ Last wall/The Sniper of Kobani)

Three films draw a line between war and a parallel world, not of peace, but of a kind of limbo upon which war encroaches or that exists alongside the fighting.

The Justified War

Kurdish Peshmerga-fighters are fighting against ISIS in Northern Iraq. If they are able to show that they are a source of stability in the region, they will be able to garner more support for their freedom fighting, believes controversial philosopher and documentarist Bernard-Henri Lévy.

From top diplomacy to revolutionary anarchy
(The Accidental Anarchist)

As a British diplomat, Carne Ross worked for a government that invaded both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Winner at IDFA: A Humanistic Portrait of a Troubled People
(Nowhere To Hide)

WINNER AT IDFA: When Nori Sharif is given a video camera by director Zaradasht Ahmed to record life in a small Iraqi town, following the US withdrawal at the end of 2011, he decides to film people who “nobody knows about.”

A first-hand account
(Diary From The Revolution)

The revolution in Libya was tailored for today’s preferred style of foreign military intervention.

Disaster capitalism
(The Shock Doctrine)

Is all the talk about ‘national priorities’ in the aftermath of hurricanes, coups, and wars, usually just a cover for the imposition of the of-the-shelf policies of neoliberal economics? And is the US response to Haiti following this same form?

NEW HISTORICAL DOCUMENTARY: Truth as an inspiration

Some filmmakers working with the feature documentary genre want to reconnect us with History itself, enticing audiences to actively engage with the ever-changing, politically motivated interpretations of our recent history. Three films reconstruct historical documentary by changing the form and by providing an intense participatory experience through their main character.