Tag: Middle East

A hilarious examination of the human condition
(Mussolini’s Sister)

An intimate portrait of a sarcastic elderly Palestinian woman's life, relationships, regrets and bitterness enlightened by flashes of dark humour.

Animal justice meets human justice
(Eating Animals /The Judge)

Two of the films presented at this year’s Belgian DocVille Documentary Film Festival, remind us about the continuing violation of justice – may it be animal or human injustice.

Peeling back the layers of the Israeli-Palestine conflict
(West of the Jordan River)

West of the Jordan River is Amos Gitai's first return to the Palestinian occupied territories since his 1982 documentary Field Diary. In his latest film he picks up the pieces where he left off – arguing that people is the change needed to make peace in the Middle East.

A quiet form of genocide
(Mass Starvation)

Can hunger be abolished? Today’s hunger disasters have political causes, claims professor Alex De Waal. He believes famine must be criminalized and that political leaders must be brought to court.

One in a Million
(The Poetess)

The Poetess follows the lone female contestant on the most popular talent show in the Middle East and the courage she displays through her poetry.

Calling All Prosecutors
(Syria’s Dissappeared)

SYRIA: Syria’s Dissappeared should be mandatory viewing for all of those concerned about human rights or the Middle East.

Eyes on the war

Mohamed Jabaly’s documentary debut Ambulance provides a unique insight into a bombing of Gaza lasting 51 days, as witnessed from the ambulance driver’s seat.

The Fate of the Yezidis

Thousands of Yezidis remain in IS captivity, whilst others flee and suffer traumas. The plight of the victims, their loved ones and the aid workers is highlighted in three recently launched documentaries.

Winner at IDFA: A Humanistic Portrait of a Troubled People
(Nowhere To Hide)

WINNER AT IDFA: When Nori Sharif is given a video camera by director Zaradasht Ahmed to record life in a small Iraqi town, following the US withdrawal at the end of 2011, he decides to film people who “nobody knows about.”

21 days’ of detailed discomfort
(Mahmud's Escape)

It is incredibly gripping to get intimate with Mahmoud’s family during their escape from Syria to Switzerland. Even the lethal rubber dingy journey across icy cold waters is documented – using a small mobile phone camera.