THE SUBJECT OF WAR has often captured the attention of artists, photographers and filmmakers. Francisco Goya’s (1746-1828) stark nineteenth century prints The Disasters of War still remain shocking today; and Robert Capa (1913-1954) famously documented several wars and co-founded Magnum Photos.

In this century, two directing duos, tackle the topic employing entirely different approaches in their respective films, which screened at the San Francisco International Film Festival in May.


When the 2008 conflict between Russia and Georgia escalated, Andrei Nekrasov and Olga Konskaya traveled to the front to find out what was happening and interview people along the way. Throughout the film, they appear on camera and offer their opinions, creating a personal film that critically questions the Russian government’s involvement in the Caucasus region.


Embedded with a U.S. Army platoon in Afghanistan, directors Tim Hetherington and Sebastian Junger create a disturbing and visceral portrait of the everyday life of soldiers deployed in the Korengal Valley. They juxtapose moments of boredom, anxiety, and intense ghting with personal interviews conducted with the soldiers a er their tour of duty was over.

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