Why did we choose a 7-min short at ZagrebDox?

Why this sudden focus? Maybe due to a weariness of all those long documentaries made for festival programmes?

My experience with feature-length documentaries, tells me that eight out of ten should have been less than an hour long – not 90 minutes of telling, telling and telling. We have often already got the point, and the emotional aspect doesn’t last forever.
Jorge Luis Borges

The writer Jorge Luis Borges proved in his book Labyrinths1 that if you can write a story in ten pages, it doesn’t need to be any longer. So why not apply this to documentaries? Often if you can make a story in ten minutes, it doesn’t need to be any longer. There is frequently no more to be said in a story, and today’s audience is becoming more and more used to stories, so the short format will do more often than not. Besides the film content, the form could often be more telling when the cinematographer can concentrate the aesthetics – like some art videos.

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