Taiwan International Documentary Festival showcases country’s first wave of indigenous filmmakers

    This month’s Taiwan International Documentary Festival (TDF) has announced a special programme: «Indigenous with a Capital ‘I’: Indigenous Documentaries from 1994 – 2000». The programme will screen 17 works from indigenous filmmakers from Taiwan.

    The films featured are the records left by indigenous filmmakers when they first got hold of digital cameras in the mid-1990s to tell authentic stories of their own communities. Among these pioneers were film and television students, trained journalists, as well as amateurs. They developed their own viewpoints and aesthetics, breaking away from the Han Chinese «gaze» and interpretation of their culture. The films shed light on many aspects of indigenous communities and their struggles in mainstream Taiwanese society, touching upon issues like domestic violence, teenage pregnancy, forced resettlements, cultural heritage, and the dark sides of traditions.

    The Capital ‘I’ aspect of the English title is indebted to the late Maōri director Barry Barclay, who first introduced the concept of «Fourth Cinema». «Fourth Cinema» proposes that Indigenous stories in films should be interpreted by indigenous people. Thus, the capital «I» symbolizes the subjectivity and empowerment of indigenous people.

    «Indigenous with a Capital ‘I’: Indigenous Documentaries from 1994 – 2000»

    • C’roh Is Our Name (dir. Mayaw Biho) – 1997
    • Children in Heaven (dir. Mayaw Biho) – 1997
    • As Life, As Pangcah (dir. Mayaw Biho) – 1998
    • The Traditional Clothes of Raisinay Village (dir. Baunay Watan) – 1997
    • The Painter from Fata’an (dir. Lalan Unak) – 1997
    • New Paradise (dir. Laway Talay) – 1999
    • Song of the Wanderer (dir. YANG Ming-hui) – 1996
    • Please Give Us a Job (dir. YANG Ming-hui) – 1997
    • Too Young (dir. (dir. YANG Ming-hui) – 1998
    • The Kavalan: Past and Present (dir. Bauki Angaw) – 1997
    • A Mu Yi (dir. Michang Seku) – 2000
    • Looking for the Salt (dir. Lungnan Isak Fangas) – 1999
    • Angoo (dir. Lungnan Isak Fangas) – 1999
    • The Forgotten Hunting Dance (dir. YANG Ming-hui) – 1997
    • Where Has the Land Gone? (dir. Pilin Yapu) – 1997
    • Tales of the Rainbow (dir. Pilin Yapu) – 1998/2008
    • And Deliver Us from Evil (dir. Si Yabosokanen) -2001

    The 12th TIDF will take place from April 30 to May 9, presenting a programme of 140 films and surrounding events.

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