Save Julian Assange to save democracy

JUSTICE: With the US appeal on extradition ongoing, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange continues to face abuses and irregularities in nothing less than the fight for democracy and journalistic integrity.

The Secret power: Why they want to destroy Julian Assange and WikiLeaks (Il potere segreto: Perché vogliono distruggere Julian Assange e WikiLeaks)
Author: Stefania Maurizi
Publisher: Chiarelettere, Italy

«I want to live in a society where war criminals go to jail, not those who have the conscience and the courage to report them and the journalists who reveal their crime,» wrote Stefania Maurizi in her book The Secret power. The book, published by a Milanese publishing house Chiarelettere in summer this year, was almost immediately sold out. Now it is available in reprint and also as an e-book. But will this book, the interest and engagement of the public be enough to prevent Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks who exposed the secret powers that govern our democracies, from being punished for this and put in jail for life?

Stefania Maurizi
Stefania Maurizi

Bitter truths

Maurizi brought to light many bitter truths but probably the most bitter is the fact that today, such a democratic society does not exist and, ever since the first WikiLeaks revelations, Assange has not been free. No wonder that British film director Ken Loach, in his brief and pungent preface to the book, wrote that «this is a book that will make you very . . .

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Melita Zajc
Our regular contributor. Zajc is a media anthropologist and philosopher.

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