Two Cases: Cultural vs Commercial

The VoD market took off in the first quarter of 2006. Feature films are the main offerings, yet a couple of services have decided to focus on documentaries. DOX profiles two very different examples.

Owned by: JSAF (organises IDFF Jihlava), a cultural service supported by the Czech ministry of culture and education, the State Fund for the Support of Cinematography and the Visegrad Fund.

Launched: 7 August 2006
Location: Czech Republic
Language: English (a few films in Czech only)
Titles (June 2007): 200, adding 300 a year.
Rights: non-exclusive, world (if possible)
Revenue share: 60% producer / 40% Doc Air
Downloads: approx. 160 streamings / DVD downloads per week
Profile: Creative docs

Interview with Doc-Air Manager Nina Numankadic

133513DOX: “Doc-Air was born to give viewers access to the kind of creative documentaries the International Documentary Film Festival Jihlava shows, also outside of the festival. What would you say is the aim behind the service: to give viewers access to this kind of films or to make money for the filmmakers?”

NN: The main objectives of Doc-Air are to improve the international public’s access to European documentary production, both contemporary and archive; to give a chance to small and independent productions often not seen in theatrical or TV distribution to expand their work, to break through to the international audience; to prolong the Festival- to create access to film festivals selections all year round (not only IDFF Jihlava, but other Festivals as well). Hopefully we will launch this section by the spring 2008.

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