Chilean documentaries set for strong Visions du Réel & CPH:DOX showing

With both Visions du Réel and CPH:DOX imminent, Chile has set its selections for both prestigious international events.

Visions du Réel kicks off on Thursday, 15 April through Sunday, 25 April in an online form, while CPH:DOX goes from Wednesday, 21 April to Wednesday, 12 May in a hybrid format. With the world’s documentary industry descending (mostly digitally) on both Nyon & Copenhagen, the Chilean Delegation is no different.

For Visions du Réel, Chile brings Tana Gilbert’s Malqueridas to its Pitch Du Reel forum. In Malqueridas, women in prison reconstruct their experience of motherhood through videos and photographs captured with their forbidden cell phones while serving their sentences. Then, at its Film Market, Franciso Bustamante’s Laura, Fernando Saldivia’s The Roots Weaver, Juan Francisco Riumalló’s Onkel Günter, Juan Francisco Cox’s The Last Wind, Nelson Pérez’s And Only Love Resurrects and Andrei Eichin’s Messages From Sydney, join Paola Castillo’s 2020 effort Frontera

At CPH:DOX, Chile will be represented in the CPH Lab by the 15 minute short VR project, Symbiotica. Taking place via an online interactive VR hub and a series of AR filters, participants in Symbiotica are able to embody different microorganisms.

At both festivals, the Chilean Delegation will present several projects in development. Both festivals see Breaking the Brick and Cagliostro: The Film Poet. For Visions du Réel these projects are joined by Isabel Reyes’s In the Shade of Light, the exploration of Chilean neoliberalism Oasis, and the extraterrestrial Alien Island. For CPH:DOX, the IDFA Academy Project Award winner Drifting Images features, we well as Sunny Side of the Doc (2019) Best Digital Experience winner Ancestral Secret VR, and Lorenzo Aillapán and Roberto Riveros’s Wenuywen join Gilbert’s Malqueridas.

Below, you will find the complete list of Chilean productions and co-productions that will feature across Visions du Réel and CPH:DOX 2021.

Pitch du Reel

  • Malqueridas (dir. Tana Gilbert; prod. Paola Castillo) – 2022

Chilean Delegation – VdR

  • Breaking the Brick (dir. Carola Fuentas, Rafael Valdeavellano; prod. Carola Fuentas, Rafael Valdeavellano) – 2021
  • Cagliostro: The Film Poet (dir/prod. Orlando Torres) – 2021
  • In the Shade of Light (dir. Isabel Reyes; prod. Ignacia Merino) – 2021
  • Oasis (dir. Tamara Uribe, Felipe Morgado; prod. Alba Gaviraghi, Diego Pino Anguita) – 2021
  • Alien Island (dir. Cristóbal Valenzuela ; prod. Diego Breit) – 2021

Film Market – VdR

  • Laura (dir. Francisco Bustamante; prod. Titi Viera-Callo) – 2021
  • Border (dir/prod. Paola Castillo) – 2020
  • The Roots Weaver (dir/prod. Fernando Saldivia – 2020
  • Onkel Günter (dir. Juan Francisco Riumalló; prod. Soledad Millar, Juan Francisco Riumalló ) – 2020
  • Messages from Sydney (dir. Andrei Eichin; prod. Anderi Eichin, Felipe Garrido) – 2021
  • The Last Wind (dir. Juan Francisco Cox; prod. Claudio Pino) – 2022
  • And Only Love Resurrects (dir. Nelson Pérez; prod Felipe Garrido) – 2022


  • Symbiotica (dir. Natalia Cabrera, Juan Ferrer, Sebastián González; prod. Sebastián González) – 2021

Chilean Delegation – CPH:DOX

  • Cagliostro: The Film Poet (dir/prod. Orlando Torres) – 2021
  • Drifting Images (dir. Nicolás Tabilo; prod. Felipe Garrido, Bettina Walter) – 2023
  • Malqueridas (dir. Tana Gilbert; prod. Paola Castillo) – 2022
  • Breaking the Brick (dir. Carola Fuentas, Rafael Valdeavellano; prod. Carola Fuentas, Rafael Valdeavellano) – 2021
  • Ancestral Secret VR (dir. Francisca Silva, María José Díaz; prod. María José Díaz) – 2021
  • Wenuywen (dir. Lorenzo Aillapán, Roberto Riveros; prod. Denisse Castillo) – 2021

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Steve Rickinson
Steve Rickinson
Communications Manager and Industry Editor at Modern Times Review.

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