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Visions du Reel: Dispossession and Anote’s Ark

Two films dissect the destructive forces wrought by capitalism on the world, and the commodification of all it has to offer. The land, livelihood and the history of humans and animals alike all serve as fodder for the grinding gears of the machine. Does this constitute an act of war?

Focus Serbia: Fractions of history and the global area

Serbian cinema takes a leap onto the world stage with the programme presented at the international film festival Visions du Réel’s Focus Serbia.

The Haunted Construction Workers of Beirut

REFUGEE LIFE: Syrian refugees are rebuilding the Middle East while they wait to return home.

VISIONS DU RÉEL 2006: Of Flesh and Blood

The films at the 2006 Visions du réel festival inspired reflections on how to represent suffering in documentaries.